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First time in history, eliminating the frustration of zero Shopify sales with AI-powered Facebook ads, strong ad copies, attention-grabbing hooks, and a magic sales funnel to win dream ROAS!

What We Offer?


Especially Meta Ads to e-commerce brands, to help them hit the target revenues. You’ll get,

  • 💡 Strategy Creation
  • 🎯 Regular Campaign Management
  • 💫Crafting Magic Hooks
  • 🏆 Effective Copywriting
  • 📝 Monthly Performance Report
  • 🗓️ Regular Zoom Meetings

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How we helped online businesses to scale aggressively and winning 300% increase in website conversions via Facebook Ads that are AI powered!

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We Believe In Well-Equipped Plan...

We hand-pick a few lucky businesses out of hundreds of applications and work in a strict plan, from Phase Zero to Phase 10.

It includes the entire process of getting started from scratch to hitting the revenue targets & start giving competition a hard time.

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Working with Factoriga was one of the best decisions we made by giving away all marketing responsibility to them. Faran is really a great guy and he is helping out generate 3 times than we made past year!


Factoriga helped our ecommerce brand scale to multiple 7 figures in 3 months, it's such a great a great experience and I thank my friend for recommending me this agency


It's been a while ever since I worried about my company's marketing side, literally it's a huge relief after hiring Factoriga


Factoriga helped our ecommerce brand scale to multiple 7 figures in 3 months and we never though it would be that simple for them, more power to you guys!

Ro**y ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I launched my brand 3 years ago, the first 2 years it was so hard that I was at the edge of quitting and then I saw Factoriga owner Faran on LikedIn, booked a call with them and finally they just made my dreams come true

Hannah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The leads that I got from the campaigns of these people were literally highly convertible and I closed almost every deal that we made via Facebook ads. Zero irrelevant audience.

Nei ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐